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👩‍🌾 Amish Only 👨‍🌾

Amish Billboard

Guder Daag!

If you’re reading this message, we assume you have:
A). Acquired an electronic device;
B). Logged onto the World Wide Web and;
C). Navigated to this online page.


Mona Foma has long gathered musicians, artists and festival-goers on the island of Tasmania for wild rites of pleasure and corruption. And this year, we’re extending our corrupting influence a little further afield—specifically, to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to invite Amish on Rumspringa—a year of freedom and experimentation—to attend Mona Foma for free.

To redeem your ticket, please provide proof of ‘Amishness’ (an official US ID showing Amish ties) at Mona Foma’s box office between 13–20 January 2019. Need flights from the US to Launceston? Click here.

See you soon, Mennonite mates.